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The Length of Your Resume is Not a Critical Factor – Long Can be OK if you Have the Qualifications to Justify It

Though professional resume writers generally advise keeping resumes to a brief one or two pages, executive resumes are an exception to this rule. Why? Because an executive may well have far more career accomplishments than could reasonably be contained in one or two pages.

In the executive job-seeking arena, what makes candidates stand out from the others is what they accomplished in previous positions. In an executive resume, these achievements are given pride of place near the top of the first page and frequently include dollar figures and percentages involved in each accomplishment—for example “reduced company expenditures by 15% without cutting salaries or lowering quality.”

Though executive resumes can be longer than others, it pays to remember that a modern resume should be only as long as it needs to be to contain the data relevant to the current job search. In other words, don’t try expanding a resume just to make it longer or try to shorten it to cram everything into one or two pages.

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