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More Than Any Other Job Seeker, a C-Level Professional Needs a Professionally Written Resume

If you’re applying to flip burgers or clerk in a convenience store, you really don’t need a professionally written resume — and though a professionally crafted resume is certainly nice to have at any level of employment, when you reach C-level professional status, it becomes imperative.

The reason is simple: You are playing in a much higher stakes game at C-level, and you should give yourself every possible advantage. A professionally written resume offers a tremendous advantage at the Senior Executive Level (CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, etc), especially if you are dealing with professional headhunters, who tend to follow their own set of resume “rules”.

It’s often said that your resume must capture a recruiter’s interest within the first fifteen seconds. Actually, that’s probably a generous estimate. Targeting your resume to draw and retain interest within the first five seconds will increase your chances of having it read all the way through.

You can boost your chances of grabbing a recruiter’s attention with your resume by using the correct format, which in the minds of recruiters is always chronological, including plenty of measurable accomplishments and using important and appropriate keywords throughout.

A professional resume writer already knows how to do these things and do them well!

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