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Can a GS-7 Apply for a GS-13 Government Job Position?

Can a GS-7 apply for a GS-13 government job position? Consider that GS-5 and GS-7 are the entry level positions available in the Federal government and that a GS-13 position marks the beginning of senior management. To qualify for a GS-7 position, you should have completed your bachelors degree or 24 hours of related coursework for the job and for a GS-13 you must have your bachelors degree and 24 hours of related coursework along with the skills and experience to handle a federal management position.

Although you can apply for almost any position, you may not actually qualify for it. Most federal jobs involve going up the ranks to qualify for a position on the next level. In fact, consider that it can be difficult to jump from a GS-10 to a GS-12 position so it is highly unlikely to go from GS-7 to GS-13. However, a solid career strategy can help you move up the ranks from GS-7 to GS-13 fairly quickly. Getting additional training, taking on special assignments, joining federal leadership programs and working for the right agency are all factors on how fast you move up the ranks. Also, certain employee may fall under a grandfather clause and be able to get a waiver to apply for positions that skip a rank.

With all these qualifications in mind, it is a solid investment to have a professional resume writer prepare your federal job application each time you want to move up the ranks. Because a professional resume writer is familiar with federal application and hiring specifications, it is a solid investment in your future if you are looking to successfully move up the ranks.

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