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Can I Use One Set of ECQ Statements for all SES Federal Positions?

The proper preparation of your ECQ Statements is essential because they describe your accomplishments and level of capability to be a high level senior executive who effectively leads change, leads people, is results driven, has superior business acumen and effectively builds coalitions.

Each SES federal position has a different job description with its own unique requirements and your ECQ statements should specifically describe the reasons you are best able to fulfill those requirements and should be hired to fill the position.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the 5 ECQ statements are the same for all positions. Your responses must be unique to the job you are applying for. Many fall into this trap and suffer because of it.

If the federal application process seems frustrating and confusing, why not make a solid investment in the future of your career by hiring a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer is familiar with all the federal specifications and can prepare a polished resume and ECQ statements that will make you stand out from numerous other applicants for the position. Get the edge in a competitive federal arena by hiring a professional resume writer to take care of your application for a desirable SES federal position.

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