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Federal Resume Writing Do’s

Writing a federal resume can get challenging, and in the procedure of being challenging a whole lot of folks will make mistakes. These blunders are going to make it really difficult for you to land a federal job simply because they are extremely aggressive and there is normally no room for mistakes. You will find […]

3 Crucial Resume Writing Steps

A lot of job seekers are worried about using a professional resume. Having a professional resume is crucial if one desires to get successful in the job market. But for those who might not be skilled at writing a professional resume, there are resume writing services that may help you with this. Professional resume writing doesn’t […]

Federal Resume Aspects that tend to be overlooked

Due to the state of the economy, certain types of jobs are becoming more accessible and many people are looking into them. Government jobs is one of these areas that are growing and offering opportunities. But one must be able to write a government resume that looks professional. If they are not capable to do […]

3 steps to help you find a job fast

With the employment market being so challenging, it isn’t shocking that looking for a job has now become a full time job. And, as with any job, it necessitates doing specific and repetitive tasks in order to be successful at it. What are these chores? Well let’s have a look at the steps you must […]

How to write an administrative clerical cover letter

A cover letter is the document that complements your administrative resume. It is additionally your only chance to convince the employer that your resume is worth looking at and that you are worth getting interviewed. If you are writing a cover letter for an administrative assistant position, keep the following tips in mind when creating your […]

Job Interviews Don’ts

Of course the main tip that’s given to anyone is to not show up late for an interview. If you do, you will have more than likely not only just wiped out your chances of landing the job, but you also will have to prove yourself 10 times harder as to why you should be […]

More Federal Government Job Search Mistakes

Job seekers use a private sector resume opposed to a federal resume. Lots of people tend to be unaware that you cannot apply to a government job with a regular resume, which result in their application getting tossed. A federal resume has a lot more requirements – for instance the person’s social security number.People fail to […]

Top 5 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Sadly, a number of different errors are produced when people apply or search for federal work. If you are interested in federal work, make sure to read the following top 5: 1. Job Seekers should consider their job search a full time work When people are unemployed, they really should spend at least 40 hours of the […]

Job Interviews Dos

Getting an interview for employment can be exhilarating but also nerve-wracking. Making a good first impression can be challenging and the most difficult thing about it is that you only really have a few moments to prove yourself before you’re either hired, or before you’re back to the beginning again looking for a job.Job Interview Dos: You […]

Employment911 Services

There are several job websites online, which can help you with your job search. Established in 1997, Employment 911 is a premier provider of services for job seekers. The website offers a series of services that cover all the aspects of the job search process, from finding ads to getting resumes written by professional resume writers.Employment911’s job […]

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