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College Resume Writing

Who Needs College?

When you’re in high school, you’re told that you need to go to college to get a high paying career. You are faced with preparation classes, ACT’s and the never ending college selection process. It’s a long road, but in the end it’ll all be worth it”, isn’t it? Well not in all cases. Many […]

Entry Level / Re-Entering Workforce Resume Writing – $114.95

Your resume needs to be a strong, powerful, and memorable document that wows employers and gets you in the interview room door. The rest is up to you! You never get a second chance to make an influential impression on a potential employer. Why this resume package? Unlike our Graduate Resume Package, this is for […]

New Graduate Resume Service – $114.95

Launching your career after graduation can be a daunting task. After years of schooling, you are now entering the employment market, and now is the time to consider what makes you different from all other graduates that are applying for the same job? CAN YOU COMPETE? A powerful, professionally written resume places you above the […]

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