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The Right Resume Product?

Q: Will I be able to see the end product, discuss shortcomings I think it has and give more information to help make it stronger or is it a “one time shot” at the end product? I’m not pressed for time, in fact I have several months so I want to make sure I get […]

What Should I Order?

Q: I am a retiring Army general and would like to compete for an SES job in the government. I have written my resume and ECQs but would like you to review them. What is the best package to purchase in this case? My wife recently used your service and was pleased. A: I would […]

10 Tips for Kicking Off Your Federal Job Search

Are you seeking a coveted federal position in a competitive job arena?  Consider the following top ten tips to kick off your federal job search: 1. Start at the official employment web site USAJOBS to find federal job vacancies and the details regarding the application process. 2. Be willing to accept a cut in pay […]

A Reader Asks: Is the Federal Job Process Longer Than Private Sector?

Q. Is the federal job process longer than private sector? A. The federal job process is definitely longer than the private sector. First of all, it takes more time and a greater effort to prepare a federal resume and the accompanying KSA statement. The format and content of federal resumes need to follow specific guidelines […]

A Reader Asks: The Federal Job Announcement I am Interested in is Asking me to Answer a Technical Qualification. What is it?

A technical qualification is answered much like KSA (knowledge, skill and abilities) statements. Your specific qualifications are required and certain Federal job announcements may also have multiple choice questions that will need to be answered. If you are using USAJOBS, the question may not be in the job announcement itself but it may be found […]

Can I Use My Corporate Resume to Apply for a Federal Job Posting?

The Short Answer is NO A corporate resume geared for the private sector is different than a resume to apply for a desirable position with the federal government. Applying for a federal job requires you to submit certain documentation according to their specifications and guidelines. With so many applicants for federal jobs, if you fail […]

Can I Use One Set of ECQ Statements for all SES Federal Positions?

The proper preparation of your ECQ Statements is essential because they describe your accomplishments and level of capability to be a high level senior executive who effectively leads change, leads people, is results driven, has superior business acumen and effectively builds coalitions. Each SES federal position has a different job description with its own unique […]

Job Seekers Ask: What is a Functional Resume?

Resumes come in two types, either  chronological, in which your experience is listed  by date, and functional, which describes your work experience by skills. Functional resumes are becoming much more popular today, especially for people who have held a number of diverse jobs and assembled skill sets that don’t necessarily fit one career path. Other […]

What is a Federal SES Resume?

Senior Executive Service (SES) positions are jobs at the the highest levels in the civil service – the people who run entire departments or an entire agency. In order to apply for most SES positions, you must have at least 10 years experience. For SES positions, you’ll need to submit a federal SES resume and […]

What Happens if I Exceed the Character Limits on my Federal Resume?

Q. What happens if I exceed the characters limits on my Federal resume? A. Remember that your Federal resume is the first impression your prospective employers get of you and your qualifications. Federal resumes and job applications follow a specific format and you must follow the guidelines provided for applying. When your Federal resume or […]

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