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Federal Resume Writing Tips

Preparing a Federal resume is much difficult than preparing a regular resume. While you might have been able to make a few references to experiences or skills on a private sector resume, you really have to provide lots of details for the Uncle Sam. From qualifications to focusing on keywords that were listed in the […]

Tips for KSA Writing

For KSA’s write in first person language and follow the challenge, conflict, action, and result format.Depending on the job announcement, there can be from three to 10+ KSA questions. Your answers need to highlight the accomplishments that make you the most qualified person for the position. Knowledge is factual information you’ve received that pertains to […]

Applying for Army Positions: A Completely Different Process than OPM

Applying for federal jobs through the Department of the Army and becoming one of the thousands of civilian support personnel that keep the Army working smoothly is a different process than what is required for other federal positions such as those through the Office of Personnel Management. Applying for these Army jobs requires use of […]

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