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Effective Ways to Conduct an Online Job Search

Start your online job search the same way you’d start any other type of job search—by identifying the kind of job you want, the types of  employers that interest you and locations where you are willing to live. Once you’ve identified these three components, use the Internet to research the companies and locations that appeal to you. Make certain to carefully note those keywords that keep cropping up in descriptions of the type of job you want.

Once you’ve got that information in hand, create four different resumes: one for mailing out as a “hard copy”, one to send via email, one to use when filling out online job applications and one for a personal Web page if you have one.  Use the keywords from the list you made in your resumes so that employers doing Internet searches will find your resume.

A couple of words of caution here: If you already have a job but are looking for a better one, make certain that you keep all email activity regarding your job search OUT of  your current employer’s e-mail system. An email that refers to a job search can be a one way ticket to unemployment.

The other caution is to be extremely careful about putting your resume on job-seeking sites. Data thefts do happen, as witness the recent data heist on Monster.com. In addition there are bogus job sites that do nothing but collect resumes for malicious reasons. If you come across a job site that interests you, run an Internet search on that site before providing any information to it.

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