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Executive Job Interview Tips

When you finally find out that, thanks to your executive resume, you’ve been scheduled for an interview for an Executive job there are some matters that you should do to be ready.  How the interview comes along can make a difference between landing the job or failing.  A lot of times, the interview is used to make a decision when several candidates have similar profiles.

You should unquestionably dress for the interview. Don’t make the error of dressing too casual or provocatively.  You need to look professional.

Take some time before the interview to study.  This will be crucial if you’re applying for a position in an industry that you have not worked in before.

If you can fight their concerns by telling them about some of the reading that you’ve done, you may give them a sense of confidence in your power to learn fast.  It will also show them that you’re willing to take the extra time to learn the details.  This will look good. Also make sure to keep a positive tone.  Even if you have negative opinions on previous jobs, the interview is not the place to talk about it.  If you go into the interview and spend time complaining, the interviewer will certainly assume that you are someone that is hard to please and that does not look at challenges with a positive light.

Make sure to seize every opportunity to discuss your recent contributions.  It is O.K. to brag a little in an interview.  You’re there to make a good impression and show that you are able to handle pressure and get the job done. You want to show that you are confident but are humble enough to admit that there are things that you are not sure of.

Don’t force an interview to last longer than necessary.  Answer the questions that you are asked thoroughly and ask the necessary questions but do not try to discuss topics that are unrelated.  You can make a great impression on the interviewer by just answering their questions, telling them about your accomplishments and what you can bring to the company.  They will know, from a great interview that you are the one that they want to hire.

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