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A Federal SES Job Candidate Must be Able to Manage with Confidence (and your Resume Should Show It!)

A Federal Senior Executive Service (SES) candidate must be able to manage with confidence and your resume should show off your capabilities in details. The SES consists of about 6,700 employees who administer public programs at the top levels of Federal government and enjoy salaries ranging from about $111,000 to $154,000 or more with benefits.

In a competitive Federal job market, you must be able to effectively showcase your ability to manage to qualify for the position. You will need to show your Executive Core Qualifications, which apply to all SES positions, as well as specific professional qualifications for the position advertised. Your Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) will include background about your abilities to:

  • lead change and bring about strategic change;
  • lead people to meet the organization’s mission and goals;
  • results driven with the ability to meet customer expectation and organizational goals;
  • business acumen to manage human, information and financial resources effectively; and
  • building coalitions internally and with other Federal organizations, governments and international organizations.

Having a professional federal resume writer who is familiar with detailed Federal specifications prepare your SES application is a solid investment in your future. A professional resume writer knows exactly how to structure your application and the pertinent details to include to make you stand out from the many other applicants for the position.

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