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Following Up with a Potential Employer

Letting Your Level of Professionalism Shine After the Interview

Okay… your resume got you called in for an interview, and you think you presented yourself in a great light. Do you simply walk out and wait to hear about whether or not you got the job?

Not if you’re interested in coming across as a real pro, you don’t The first thing you should do after an interview, regardless of how well you think it did or did not turn out, is write a note to your interviewer saying that you appreciated the opportunity to interview for the position and enjoyed meeting your interviewer and learning more about the company. You should include brief comments on the facets of the company that especially interested you and close by saying that you will be happy to provide any additional information the interviewer may require.

Keep it short, keep it pleasantly businesslike and send it out right after the interview. By doing so you will mark yourself as someone who knows how things should be done!

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