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How to find a Federal Job

Federal jobs available are not limited to candidates with degrees; there are work opportunities that necessitate certain skills and certifications to qualify for the position.
A college graduate with a certain major or who has completed specific school courses can aspire to get entry level opportunities and acquire work experience and on-the-job training. It is the first action on the way to higher grade level positions in the government. These jobs are often advertised as intern or trainee program positions.
If you don’t have a degree but you have acquired experience on the job and accumulated an extensive work-related history, you can qualify for the job that requires your skills. It’s your experience that matters but it sure helps to have certifications to show that you have followed short classes to develop your skills. For clerical positions, you need to have at least three months of work experience. For higher grade vacancies or equivalent levels, more work experience will be asked.

But where do you look for government positions?  You can always check out the websites of Federal agencies. The local library can help you as well. They generally have a listing of job vacancies in the government sector. The vacancy announcement will usually include general information, who qualifies, where applications are accepted, the deadline and how to apply. The salary range and the employment conditions are also included in the announcement.
As a job seeker, always be ready with your Federal resume to maximize the time you have and to beat other aspirants for the job. Government agencies hand out resume form to all candidates. watch out when you prepare these forms. Read them carefully and make sure you have all the necessary information ready. One last thing, do not try to lie about any information because the agency will always verify facts.

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