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Interesting Facts About the Federal Job Application Process

The federal job application process is much different than applying for a position in the private sector. When you apply for a federal job, there are specific requirements and you must use a different type of resume than when you seek private employment.

The first place to go when you are looking for a federal job is to the vacancy announcements, which will describe all the information you need to complete an application for the job. Vacancy announcements include the minimum required qualifications to perform the job, evaluation factors or the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA statements) used to rank the applications, a description of the work, where you need to send your application and the closing date.

Once you have chose a vacancy announcement you are interested in, it is time to submit your federal application or resume. The application for federal employment is entitled Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF 612) and you can find it at the federal jobs websites at USAJOBS. This is also where you can view the latest job vacancy announcements. Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to perform the federal job should be listed on a separate narrative statement. Each page of your application should contain your name, social security number and the job announcement number.

If your application or resume is incomplete in any way, you may not even be considered for a federal job because there is quite a bit of competition to get one of these desirable positions. A solid investment in your future is hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with federal application specifications and can get your resume to the top of the heap.

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