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Job Seekers Ask: What is a Functional Resume?

Resumes come in two types, either  chronological, in which your experience is listed  by date, and functional, which describes your work experience by skills.

Functional resumes are becoming much more popular today, especially for people who have held a number of diverse jobs and assembled skill sets that don’t necessarily fit one career path.

Other job seekers who may benefit from using the functional resume format are college students who don’t have much job experience or whose job experience isn’t closely related to the career path they now want to follow; people changing careers seeking entry to a type of work very different than the one in which they have been working; people with gaps in their chronological work histories such as women who took time off from paid work to raise their families; military personnel transitioning to civilian life, and people whose work endeavors have been largely unpaid, such as in volunteer work.

Is any of these descriptions fits you, do consider writing your next resume in a functional format.

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