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Keywords are King in a New Graduate’s Professional Resume

Your parents never had to contend with all the resume details that you do, but then on the other hand, they never had the ability to apply for jobs online, either.

Because online job searches are so prevalent today, it’s vital that your graduate resume contains those keywords that the employers you hope will hire you are using when they run searches to look for prospective employees.

For example, if you’re a brand new environmental planner, you already know the terms that people who hire planners find important., phrases like “Focusing on a career specializing in integrated solutions for land-use studies and comprehensive plans and watershed conservation, you know that planners with NEPA/CEQA experience are in high demand. So, including something like “focused on specializing in land use planning developments that require large-scale NEPA and CEQA documents” are going to make environmental consulting firms sit up and take notice, so you should be careful to include these terms in your resume.

Using the right keywords will make getting the job of your dreams a lot easier!

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