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Make Sure to Read the Vacancy Announcement:

It Contains Important Information for a Federal Job Application

When you are applying for a federal position, it is necessary to carefully read the posted vacancy announcement because it contains important information about requirements for your federal job application.

Each federal position posted has different specifications for submitting your resume and qualifications and it is essential that you follow these requirements to the letter. Failure to properly apply for a federal position and provide all requested materials will cause your application to be rejected. Many people apply for the same federal position and only the application that are submitted according to the specifications designated in the job vacancy posting will be considered.

Information you may be required to provide includes the job vacancy number, the job title, your social security number, certain educational transcripts, indication of a veterans preference and evidence of your qualifications to perform the job posted.

Because the requirements for applying for a desirable federal position can be confusing, it is a great advantage to you to hire a professional resume writer who is familiar with federal specifications. Hiring a resume writer is a solid investment in your professional future and can mean the difference between getting a great job with the federal government or just wishing you could get in the door for an interview.

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