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Transitioning From Manager to Leader with the OPM

Management Development Seminar

This seminar provides experienced mid-level managers with the tools they need to make the transition from experienced manager to effective leader. You will step into the world of dynamic thinking, creativity, and innovative results-producing performance. You will learn ways to achieve superior levels of organizational excellence and deal with the day-to-day challenges of your workplace through guided discussions, practical exercises, case studies, experiential activities with facilitated debriefings, and individual assignments. You will explore your own personal leadership philosophy and its effectiveness, learn how you can enhance it, and then develop an action plan for success.

Assessments will provide feedback on how you are perceived by your peers, employees, superiors, and customers, and a personal executive coaching session will address your particular needs. Small-group sessions provide safe forums to practice new skills and techniques and help you achieve real results. You will also make invaluable connections and strong professional relationships that will carry you forward on your leadership journey.

How Will You Benefit

  • Improve your performance by receiving personal feedback and executive coaching
  • Improve your competencies while focusing on personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Acquire new approaches to managing that can lead to greater organizational efficiency
  • Develop concepts and skills for partnering and building more effective teams
  • Examine core value issues and their impact on the Federal manager
  • Be inspired to become a better leader

Who Should Attend

Mid-level managers with two or more years of experience at the managerial level

The following sessions are open to participants from international governments: May 5-16, 2008 and August 11-22, 2008

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