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New Website TheCareerProject.org Gives the Inside Scoop About the Job You Want

TheCareerProject.org is a new career resource that allows people to learn the intimate details about thousands of jobs from the people who work them.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 18, 2007 — Attention job seekers, TheCareerProject.org launches live today. The freshest new interactive career resource on the web provides the ability to voyeur into thousands of detailed career profiles. Every profile has a detailed interview, an hour-by-hour account of a typical workday, and a place where users can directly and anonymously ask any of the profiled participants a question.

“TheCareerProject.org is an online version of take your child to work day but multiplied by a few thousand coworkers who are on hand to answer any question you might have,” says Alicia Schwartz, CEO and founder. “As a former career counselor, I developed this site specifically for students, but after the tremendous initial response to our questionnaire I realized that this is truly a resource for people of all ages. In today’s job market where the average person has two or even three career shifts this type of information is invaluable.”

A first of its kind, TheCareerProject.org provides uncensored research on thousands of professionals. It gives an honest perspective so job seekers can learn and understand what it means to have a particular position and what they need to do in order to obtain a similar one.

“There’s more to a career than simply the job description or the rate of pay,” says Schwartz. “And people want to know these things. What do you actually do all day? What’s the worst part? What’s the best? How did you get the job? What should I do to get a similar position? TheCareerProject.org is the only site that can really answer any of those questions.”

About TheCareerProject.org
TheCareerProject (www.TheCareerProject.org) is a groundbreaking interactive career resource that allows job seekers to learn the intimate details about thousands of jobs from the people who actually work them.

If you would like more information on TheCareerProject or to participate, please contact Alicia Schwartz at 212-529-0706 or email info @ thecareerproject.com.

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