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Protecting Your Personal Information When Applying Online: Avoiding the Monster Trap

Identity theft is rife these days, and it’s imperative that we all take every possible step to protect ourselves. That’s why, when applying for a job, it is best to protect your personal information by checking out every email you may receive as a result of your job search before providing additional information.

In the third week of August, hackers accessed personal information from 1.6 million job seekers using Monster.com. The information they collected included names, addresses and telephone numbers. The hackers then sent out fake emails to these people that advertised a bogus “job opportunity” and asked recipients to provide additional information, including details about their bank accounts.

It isn’t known yet how many people were fooled into responding, or how many bank accounts were compromised as a result. However, authorities have upped efforts to educate people that fake emails can look just like legitimate emails, and that giving any information about bank accounts or credit card accounts in an email is never a good idea.

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