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Senior Executive Resumes: They Are Different

Senior executive resumes portray their “owners” as stellar performers while clearly revealing the potential for earning a sic-figure or bigger salary. Senior executive resumes must be much more strategic in nature than resumes belonging to people with lesser achievements and experience.

In addition to your experience and education, your senior executive resume should include any professional memberships, community service, teaching experience, presentations and recognitions you have. It should not include your political affiliation directly; however, if one of your community service positions was acting as chair for the state political caucus for your party of choice, you should include that fact.

As a senior executive, your resume should open with a hard hitting statement that grabs headhunters’ attention right away. This statement should include a brief description of your skills, abilities, personal attributes and accomplishments and your career objective.

With all the corporate downsizing that’s gone on during the past five years, the competition for top positions is tougher than it’s ever been before. Your best bet is to find a great professional resume writer to do it for you.

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