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A Reader Asks: The Federal Job Announcement I am Interested in is Asking me to Answer a Technical Qualification. What is it?

A technical qualification is answered much like KSA (knowledge, skill and abilities) statements. Your specific qualifications are required and certain Federal job announcements may also have multiple choice questions that will need to be answered. If you are using USAJOBS, the question may not be in the job announcement itself but it may be found during the application process. In other words, to find out a technical qualification question, you may have to start applying for the job first.

You must answer technical qualification questions because they are required according to the Federal specifications for applying for the position. If you do not answer the technical questions, your Federal application will not be considered. Usually t he statements are written in a context, challenge, action and result format and require examples of your qualifications, such as the actions you took with regard to a particular challenge and the results achieved. Always include pertinent training, certifications and awards. Consider making a solid investment in your future by hiring a professional resume writer who is familiar with Federal specifications to prepare your application. Giving your Federal application a professional touch can mean the difference between landing that desirable position – or not getting it at all.

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