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The Right Resume Product?

Q: Will I be able to see the end product, discuss shortcomings I think it has and give more information to help make it stronger or is it a “one time shot” at the end product? I’m not pressed for time, in fact I have several months so I want to make sure I get something good put together. Thank you for any information.

A: Let me first point out that this in not a “one shot deal”. Our process is to first, collect information about you, then build a draft set of documents. At this point we look for your input and begin tweaking the documents as needed.

Regarding the right product, I would suggest the Federal Resume Package with KSAs. (link http://myresumemanager.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=20)

I had the opportunity to look over the announcement and although it does not specifically request KSAs I did uncover these three areas that I believe warrant special attention.

(1) knowledge of the principles of criminal and/or civil investigations, laws of evidence, rules of criminal procedure and precedent court decisions concerning the admissibility of evidence.

(2) experience applying investigative techniques in order to interview suspects and witnesses, follow leads, develop and use informants, examine records, perform under cover work, conduct surveillance, and establish facts or obtain evidence that will prove or disprove allegations.

(3) Skill in preparing reports and other complex technical material that deals with the collection, protection and recording of evidence, the presentation of testimony and the retention of informational materials concerning illegal activities and practices.

These points would be formatted like a KSA and would be highlighted at the beginning of your resume.

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