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Tips for KSA Writing

For KSA’s write in first person language and follow the challenge, conflict, action, and result format.Depending on the job announcement, there can be from three to 10+ KSA questions. Your answers need to highlight the accomplishments that make you the most qualified person for the position. Knowledge is factual information you’ve received that pertains to the position. Skills are just your acquired abilities to manage things or people. Ability is the talent that you have in performing your job.

A KSA should be very detailed; they should be much more inclusive than a resume. It’s also imperative that you include real examples of how you have demonstrated your knowledge, skills, and abilities in previous jobs or experiences. Other elements that are essential to KSA writing are:

Awards or Achievements
Volunteer Work
Any other relevant information that applies to the questions or requirements of the position.

In the end KSA writing is a matter of personal style. Each one is a personal story of your accomplishments, it should be presented as such. You need to detail all the information you feel is relevant and ensure that you answer all the questions thoroughly. Don’t just say “I got a Master’s Degree in Business.” A better statement is: “I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Michigan in 1995 and then went on to pursue an MBA, which I received in 2000 from the same institution. I was in the 98th percentile of graduates in my class, with a GPA of 4.9 on a 5.0 scale.” This shows the exact details of your education, as well as your intelligence by giving your ranking in your class.

Although KSA’s are believed to be limited to 2/3 of a page, there is really no set limit on the length of your KSA. Although hiring managers at this level don’t have time to read your life story, they still need to know all of the relevant information that makes you the best choice for the position. Therefore, don’t focus on the quantity of information you provide; instead focus on the quality. Make sure that you fully answer all questions in detail and are very thorough in your explanations. Have a friend or colleague read over it to ensure there are no mistakes, missing information, or bad grammar. As with all federal level application processes, KSA’s can make or break your chance at getting hired. Thus, if you don’t feel qualified to provide a KSA that will get you the job you want, then you can outsource the task to a professional service. Either way, KSA writing can be done with this information in mind.

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