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Top 5 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Sadly, a number of different errors are produced when people apply or search for federal work. If you are interested in federal work, make sure to read the following top 5:

1. Job Seekers should consider their job search a full time work

When people are unemployed, they really should spend at least 40 hours of the week searching for jobs.  Usually they only spend a couple hours a day.

2. Job Seekers use the same resume for different types of positions

Whenever you create and save a federal government resume in word format, it becomes simple to change particular sections of the resume according to the jobs you are applying to. In most cases, people fail to do that. When individuals fail to do this they’re making a big mistake as Uncle Sam uses scanning software to weed out the less qualified resumes.

3. Failure to reply to the questionnaire

Usually, you may notice that there are on-line questionnaires included in the applications. These are required and not answering those questions will get you disqualified even if you are the best candidate in the world.

4. Apply only to jobs that are within your salary expectations

Job seekers sometime only apply to jobs offering the same amount of money they were making in the private sector. This is a mistake as the government uses a payment schedule, which differs from the private sector; so if you do this, you might miss on lots of job openings.

5. Over exaggerating or lying on their resume

Whenever you embellish or lie on your Federal resume, you’re putting yourself at risk. Numerous times, if you are hired and found as not telling the whole truth afterward then you’ll lose your job. Additionally, in some cases your resume is considered a legally binding document, which can lead to a lot more troubles than it’s worth.

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