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Top Tips for Conducting an Online Federal Job Search

Conducting a federal job search to find the right government position can be tricky because of certain requirements. The first place to start looking for a federal job is the official government website at USAJOBS, where the latest jobs are posted. Consider these top tips to find coveted federal position:

  • Carefully follow the instructions for application, such as entering a particular code number for the job, otherwise your resume may never be viewed at all;
  • Keep your resume very current because old resumes will be overlooked;
  • Detail your qualifications for the position very clearly and make sure that your qualification are described by the exact keywords used in the job descriptions – for example, if the federal job description states “five years of credit accounting experience”, put those exact words on your resume or application;
  • Never use a private sector resume in the public federal sector because it follows a completely different format that includes having information on every page such as the job number you are applying for, your social security number and your full name.

Having a properly written resume can mean the difference between landing a federal position and never even having your resume viewed. Hiring a professional resume write who is familiar with federal specifications is an investment in your future because they are familiar with the guidelines that will get your resume noticed in a competitive job market. The right words in your resume can get you that dream federal job so you are no longer on the outside looking in.

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