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What is a military to civilian resume?

When someone with a military background decides to transition to civilian employment, the prospect of building a military-to-civilian resume can be daunting. As difficult as it  seems, spinning military experience into a format that will be appealing to civilian   employers might be easier than you think.

The biggest point is to remember that you’ll be talking to a non-military audience. Military terminology will confuse your Human Resources specialist and cause him to drop your resume in the nearest round file. An effective military-to-civilian resume translates military-speak into civilian english , allowing the reader to understand what you’re offering. 

This includes job titles, responsibilities, contributions, professional development and training, and any awards or recognition. For example, soldiers should be described as “staff” or “employees,” while uniforms, machine guns and ammunition are “supplies.” As inexact as it may seem, a civilian employer is unlikely to know what a Field Artillery Battalion Operations Officer is – but an Operations Supervisor they can understand.

If your only e-mail address is a military email address, get a ( free) civilian e-mail account through at yahoo or g-mail.  – it makes you look more easily accessible  Once you’ve written your military-to-civilian resume, pass it around. show it to friends and family members for review, and ask them if (they understand it) have them ask you questions about what you’ve written; don’t just ask them to read it.  Have them ask you things so that you can see what isn’t clear and easily understandable.


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