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You Need a Well Formatted Plain Text Resume if You Are Applying Online

It’s not enough to have just one resume these days.  So many jobs are advertised online on various job sites or even just on the websites of the companies that are offering those jobs that you need three resumes at the very minimum: one you can print out and mail to interested parties, another you can email online and one that lists the information you will need to input should a company’s website or a job website that requires you to use their pre-formated resume form.

One resume can’t do all this; moreover, when you try to send a formatted document as an email attachment, it may arrive at the other end looking jumbled and nonsensical because the Internet tries to read your document as it travels through the various points between your computer and that of the end recipient.

To avoid this problem, MyResumeManager deliveries your primary resume as a text document as well as a Word document. Having your resume in text format allows it to travel through the Internet unmolested, ready to arrive in perfect shape so that the person to whom you sent it can read it right away.

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